The planet is warming. Let’s cool it together.

Our mission is to make net-zero cooling accessible to all.

Currently, over 1 billion people are at high risk due to lack of access to cooling.

The cooling challenge

As global temperatures rise, demand for cooling — primarily air conditioning and refrigeration — is expected to triple by 2050. Unfortunately, today’s cooling technologies consume massive amounts of energy and release super-polluting greenhouse gases, damaging our climate.

At present, cooling produces 7-11% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and these emissions are expected to roughly double by 2050.

Extreme heat and lack of access to cooling also threaten the health and safety of people, as well as the quality and safety of food and critical medicines that rely on cooling.

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Beyond phasing out coal globally, clean cooling is the next leading climate solution

Cumulative mitigation potential (2030-2050) of various climate strategies

The data shown here comes from Project Drawdown (Scenario 1 (2 degrees C of warming)), IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives 2017 analysis, and EIA’s 2017 Annual Energy Outlook.

Solutions to cool a warming world