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Efficient, Clean Cooling: A Major Near-Term Opportunity for China

Efficient, Clean Cooling: A Major Near-Term Opportunity for China

Cooling is central to health, prosperity, and the environment. Efficient, clean cooling underpins many Sustainable Development Goals and represents an opportunity to avoid substantial greenhouse gas emissions. However, most cooling is currently energy intensive and highly polluting – particularly because of the impact it has on upstream electricity. Existing pollution needs to be cut urgently and booming demand for future cooling met sustainably.

China is the largest manufacturer, consumer, and exporter of cooling technologies, yet the Chinese market still has room to grow. Meeting cooling demand while taking robust action to improve the energy efficiency of cooling equipment and moving to low global warming potential refrigerants can be at the core of the implementation of China’s key strategies.This includes Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement, the Three-year Plan on Defending the Blue Sky, Construction of an Ecological Civilisation, Made in China 2025, and the Green Belt and Road Initiative.

This brief describes the benefits presented by efficient, clean cooling and highlights how China can unlock them through ambitious efficiency standards, enhanced strategies and plans, and action on cooling initiatives, finance, and exports.

Published December 1, 2018



Clean Cooling Collaborative


China Energy Foundation

United for Efficiency (U4E)

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