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Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program impact report

Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program impact report

Scaling up clean cooling for all

In 2016, leading climate foundations collaborated ahead of the Montreal Protocol meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, and pledged more than $50 million to create the largest-ever fund of its kind for action on efficient, climate-friendly cooling. The following spring, the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) was born, under the management of a new secretariat assembled by and housed within the ClimateWorks Foundation.

In the four years since then, K-CEP has grown from a bright idea to a thriving program that has achieved significant and measurable results. In addition to securing sizable GHG emissions reductions, the program has helped place cooling on the global agenda, shining a spotlight on an issue that was often overlooked in terms of both its human impact and mitigation potential.

Read our 2017-2021 impact report to find out how K-CEP has created lasting and meaningful impact, with the aim of ensuring efficient, climate-friendly cooling for all.

For more details on the program and its impact throughout the years, please read our annual reports.

Published August 24, 2021