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K-CEP Year 1 Annual Report: Windows to the Future

K-CEP Year 1 Annual Report: Windows to the Future

K-CEP’s Year One Annual Report looks back over the program’s first 12 months, in which the team has been laying the foundation for the program to ‘take-off’.

Despite it still being early days for the program, this first annual report details some very exciting progress. K-CEP is reporting on close to $30 million committed to projects, including direct support to 38 countries. Alongside new partners, K-CEP is charting new territory: for the first time, the UN’s Montreal Protocol experts are diving into energy efficiency and connecting with energy policy-makers. For the first time under the Kigali Amendment, the Montreal Protocol’s Multilateral Fund will support an industrial manufacturing conversion project (which K-CEP is supporting to bring in efficiency). K-CEP’s grantee community is collectively tracking results, and we are all learning and adapting as we go.

Published April 1, 2018



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