We make efficient, climate-friendly cooling for all a reality.

Clean Cooling Collaborative works to sustainably cool people and the planet.

Solution areas

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Super-efficient appliances

High-performance air conditioning and refrigeration technologies can cut energy use by half and be powered by zero-carbon electricity.

Climate-friendly refrigerants

Natural refrigerants and those with low global warming potential can replace chemicals that release pollutants that are thousands of times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide.

Passive cooling

Urban greening, shading, solar-reflective roofs, improved building envelopes, and better urban design can provide natural cooling, reducing the need for energy-intensive mechanical cooling like air conditioning.

Integrated solutions

Efficient, climate-friendly cooling supports other climate and development goals, including building electrification with technologies like heat pumps, which efficiently heat and cool buildings; grid decarbonization by integrating cooling into demand-side management programs to help ensure grid stability; and secure food and vaccine supply chains by creating a strong supporting cold chain network.

To catalyze the transformation of the cooling sector, we utilize four primary tools.

Work with policymakers

We engage with countries willing to ambitiously and quickly integrate energy efficiency into solutions to meet the cooling challenge. Partnerships with these countries will help accelerate national and corporate energy efficiency cooling policies, standards, and programs with the potential to reduce emissions and contribute to sustainable development.

Secure financing

We provide grants and technical expertise to public and private banks, as well as investors, to help mobilize investments in climate-friendly cooling. We also collaborate with governments to introduce consumer-targeted financial incentives, such as on-bill financing and rebate programs.

Engage industry

We work with industry to raise ambition and to convert product lines toward higher performance cooling products, while helping buyers of cooling equipment optimize their purchasing power.

Establish access

We aim to make efficient, climate-friendly cooling accessible to all by elevating the profile of cooling as a development and equity priority, and scaling up programs to expand access to those who need it most.

A global initiative designed to solve a global problem

While we work globally, our activities are largely occurring in regions that are projected to contribute 75% of cooling-related emissions between now and 2050: China, India, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

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  • Countries with cooling in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

NDCs are climate commitments countries publish every five years as part of the Paris Climate Agreement. (Map data current as of April 2022)