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Keeping Cool in a Warming World

Keeping Cool in a Warming World

​​​What do you think of when you hear the ​​word​​ “cooling”?​​

From keeping us safe and comfortable when it’s hot outside, to preserving the medicines we rely on and the food we eat, cooling is essential for our daily life.​​

And as we face the challenges of a warming world, cooling has become more important than ever.

By 2050, cooling demand is expected to triple, putting a strain on electric grids and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. To meet this growing demand without exacerbating climate change, we have to rethink how we cool.

​​But how can we rise to the challenge?​ ​​

​​​The Clean Cooling Collaborative explains the complex system of extreme heat and cooling access in this fun and informative animated short film.​​

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This film was produced for the Clean Cooling Collaborative and ClimateWorks Foundation by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions as part of C40 Cities’ Transforming Cities series.

Published March 8, 2023